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Upcoming Courses

Course NameCourse DatePrice
Excel Level 2 (Intermediate) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 36506-Jan-2022$275.00
Excel Level 3 (Advanced) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 36503-Feb-2022$350.00
Excel Level 1 (Basic) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 36514-Dec-2021$275.00
Excel Power Pivot31-Jan-2022$895.00
Teams Essentials15-Dec-2021$245.00
Writing Reports and Proposals28-Jan-2022$525.00
Becoming a Pro with Power BI10-Jan-2022$1,895.00
Microsoft Power BI Boot Camp07-Feb-2022$3,995.00
Performance Reviews Done Well07-Jan-2022$525.00
Bravo! Customer Service Done Well10-Dec-2021$525.00

For over a quarter of a century Compuease has been delivering quality Computer and Professional Skills Training to individuals, businesses, organizations and government departments in both English and French throughout Ottawa and Gatineau.  What does quality mean?

  • Training managers that work with you to decide which public, private, one-on-one or customized classes will work the best in your situation.
  • Trainers who take a personal interest in your training needs and help you apply what you learn to your job.
  • Hands-on training classes where you practice what you learn
  • After-training support for computer training classes to transition your training knowledge into real world situations

On this website you can learn about:

  • What makes Compuease your best partner to meet your training needs
  • Your training options with Compuease
    • To meet the needs of individuals or groups, via public or private classes in an onsite or offsite setting
  • Our available courses and upcoming schedule
    • Including the ability to register and pay online
  • Contact information to reach out to a Compuease Training Manager and get your questions answered
  • Directions to our downtown Ottawa training facility

Making learning easy is a team effort. With our team backing you, you will succeed in achieving your goals.