Captivate Training in Ottawa

Adobe Captivate is an extremely valuable and versatile tool for creating interactive eLearning content, software simulations and more. It will allow you to demonstrate how a product works on-screen, to show learners how to use specific features of their software or to provide compliance training to keep employees’ skills sharp and ensure they can observe current policies and procedures. Captivate is the ideal tool you need to author and publish your eLearning content and simulations effectively.

This Adobe Captivate training class provides students with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to develop and build software simulations, eLearning content and quizzes.

Our Adobe Captivate course will help you:
•    Explore Captivate and create new projects
•    Record product demonstrations and software simulations
•    Create captions, use styles and add timing
•    Use Smart Shapes and images
•    Use pointers, paths, boxes and buttons
•    Add rollover images, captions and slidelets
•    Include audio, video, animations and effects
•    Add interactivity with click boxes and text entry boxes
•    Import and round-trip using PowerPoint
•    Insert and edit question slides and set quiz preferences
•    Add the finishing touches by publishing and linking to a web site
•    And so much more...

At Compuease, our Captivate training comes as a single 2-day course
Whether you’re just starting out with Captivate or you want to expand your knowledge in developing and building interactive eLearning simulations or quizzes, this course is designed for you. You will learn how to explore Captivate and record demonstrations and simulations. You will learn how to use Smart Shapes, pointers and paths, rollovers and zooms, and use multimedia content and effects. Learn now to round-trip your legacy PowerPoint content, add interactions, build quizzes and so much more.

Learn with Compuease!
Your Adobe Captivate training will enable you to:
•    understand and apply the techniques needed to create your own software simulations for teaching
•    build effective product demonstrations for sales or training
•    build interactive quizzes to test comprehension and retention
•    and much more

Book your Adobe Captivate training class with us today. Or, if you prefer, you can book a private training session with us in Ottawa. If you desire either one-on-one training for yourself, or group training for your office, let us know. We can send a trainer to your location or you can join us in our computer lab for your own private session. You can even customize the course for your own specific department.

We also happily offer public classes, taught in our modern training facility located conveniently in downtown Ottawa. In our public classes, you’ll learn clearly defined objectives in a small group with others at your level.

Take a look at our upcoming training calendar and click to register now.

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