Dreamweaver Training in Ottawa

Compuease offers complete Dreamweaver Training at its Ottawa training centre. Our Dreamweaver classes are led by trainers with practical experience using all the features of the software in business and web design. Our trainers are friendly, approachable and extremely helpful. They’re truly chic geeks.

Dreamweaver is easily the world’s leading website development software, allowing you to build and maintain robust websites without writing code. Designing websites is no longer confined to creating content for just computer monitors. The most successful websites also display and perform well on tablets and smartphones. These devices have a wide range of screen sizes and support varying Web protocols.

Dreamweaver has several features that allow you to customize the same site to perform well on multiple devices. Whether you are a Jedi or a Padawan, Dreamweaver’s excellent file management features have made it a great web editor for both pro and novice designers alike. If you want to create dynamic database-driven, standards-compliant websites quickly and easily then you will learn all you need to know in our Dreamweaver training classes.

Our Dreamweaver training courses will help you:

  • Design and build your own standards-compliant websites from the ground up, saving you time and money so you can focus your energies on the content, being already confident in the presentation
  • Make your life easier, especially when you have to deal with large volume of pages using CSS
  • Save countless hours of manual labour by learning to use the built-in CSS feature and the automatic systems it provides
  • Keep yourself and your clients happy by reducing the loading times for the websites you create
  • Maintain and administer your website with Dreamweaver’s built-in site and page management tools, reflecting your content and design professionally and accurately
  • And much more…

Join our trainers for an informative session in our downtown Ottawa facility. Enjoy the use of your own computer throughout the class to follow along and engage in practical exercises to reinforce what you’re learning.

Our Dreamweaver training classes are divided into 2 levels:

Level 1 - If you’re just starting out in the world of website design, or if you’re interested in developing the basic skills you already have, then this is the course you want to take to get you and your sites off the ground. You’ll start by identifying the main components of Dreamweaver and customizing the workspace, and then very quickly be performing basic web page editing by adding and formatting text and images. You’ll then learn about the basic concepts of planning out a website and designing the various web pages involved in the process. In no time you’ll be creating styles with CSS and inserting images and text. Find out how to use Dreamweaver to speed up the development of your HTML and CSS, how to incorporate images and tables, and import other content. You’ll then learn how to use the powerful CSS tools in Dreamweaver to rapidly customize the look and feel of your site so that it feels just like home. No website can properly be contained on a single page, so you’ll be linking pages to internal and to external content, and also creating reusable site assets, before being able to send your website up to your ISP or web server and off into the World Wide Web.

Level 2 - Would you like to expand on your existing skills as a web designer, web developer, or graphic artist? If so, our Dreamweaver Level 2 training course is the one for you. You’ll enhance your web pages by learning about advanced functions such as navigational controls, media elements, and forms. You want your sites to be engaging and to stand out from the crowd, and also to be compatible with various display devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets, don’t you? Of course you do, so you’ll need to learn how to use Dreamweaver to create fluid CSS layouts, and to implement integration techniques, such as a jQuery Mobile Page and PhoneGap Integration. On top of that you’ll be able to share files over a server for collaboration. You’ll be integrating and editing a Photoshop file in Dreamweaver, inserting video and audio files, and using various mobile application techniques to make sure your site is engaging and well-dressed for any display.

The advanced concepts and skills covered in our Dreamweaver Level 2 course will enable you to create interactive web pages and websites efficiently and painlessly. Take the World Wide Web by storm and use our Compuease Dreamweaver training to build your talents, build your websites, and build your reputation.
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