GCDOCS Training in Ottawa

Compuease offers private GCDOCS Training onsite at the client’s location. Trainers with real world experience in government environments lead our GCDOCS classes.

GCDOCS is the Government of Canada’s (GOC) new document archival and retrieval system. It’s an electronic “library” that enables departments to create, borrow, manage and protect information and documents, which aid in the distribution of government services.

Our GCDOCS courses will help you:
  • Understand permissions
  • Edit, grant access to and modify an item's permissions
  • Navigate the GCDOCS environment, browsing views and understanding workspaces and containers
  • Assign classifications to containers and modify classifications
  • Create, use and share documents securely in GCDOCS
  • Add new and existing documents, sign out and sign in to documents
  • Use advanced versioning
  • Use GCDOCS to search for documents using multiple search features, such as queries, filters and more
  • Search and filter using refiners
  • Utilize the GCDOCS collaboration features
  • Use advanced versioning
  • Create collections
  • Build and utilize project spaces
  • ...and much more
Each lesson is followed by practical hands-on exercises that help reinforce the skills learned.

Our GCDOCS training classes come in 2 standard levels, each as a 1-day course

Level 1 - In our Compuease Level 1 GCDOCS training class you will gain a clear understanding of what you can accomplish with the power of the new GCDOCS features and tools. You’ll learn how to work with permissions and metadata, with powerful search tools, navigation, classifications, and how to create, use and share documents effectively and securely. By the end of this course, you will acquire all the basic skills required to utilize GCDOCS, particularly filing, storing, retrieving and sharing documents, using collaboration tools and utilizing search features.This course is designed for all Federal Government employees who are required to use GCDOCS in the scope of their day-to-day work.

Level 2 - Our Level 2 class will allow you to build on the skill set developed in Level 1, with particular emphasis on collaboration, workflows, version management and the use of permissions. In this class, you’ll learn how to utilize collaboration tools to share information, reclassify documents, search for items using more advanced filters, and utilize version control even more efficiently. You will also learn how to create collections, build and utilize project spaces and add communities. This course is designed for all Federal Government employees who wish to build on their use and knowledge of GCDOCS basic features, and who use a variety of collaborative tools when sharing information.

Your GCDOCS training will enable you to understand the techniques required to use this new tool proficiently and confidently, or to build on the skills you may have already acquired.

Book your GCDOCS training with us today. If you desire either one-on-one training for yourself, or group training for your office, let us know. We can send a trainer to your location for your own private session. You can even customize the course for your own specific department.

You’ll learn clearly defined objectives in a small group with others at your level.
Contact us today for more information or to book your GCDOCS training session.
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