Illustrator Training in Ottawa

Compuease offers complete Adobe Illustrator Training at its Ottawa training centre. Our friendly trainers are excited to show you how to maximize your use of this premier vector graphics tool.

With the advent of more and more visually appealing methods of communication, and means of accessing that communication, the ability to create and share information with images is growing enormously. With the public interest in mobile apps, you may need to create content for all kinds of screen sizes, and for generating the numerous icon sizes involved too. Adobe Illustrator's tools and filters give you the drawing capabilities to create anything from logos to photo-realistic drawings in a snap. You might be preparing branding designs, illustrating a children's book, designing a technical illustration or building a set of web icons; in all cases Adobe Illustrator can help you create a huge range of creative and technical artwork. You will be able to transform product drawings, floor plans and architectural elevations into graphics that you can use in catalogues and presentations and a host of other places besides.

Our Illustrator training courses will help you:

  • Benefit from Illustrator’s one-size-fits-all scenario whereby you can create a graphic the size of a postage stamp or the size of a bus and scale it for use anywhere
  • Stay ahead of the pack by utilizing the power of Illustrator’s vector-based graphics design to produce output appropriate for any display demands, including the most cutting-edge retina displays available
  • Save time and money editing vector graphics with ease - the way of the future
  • Save time and storage space by creating multi-page documents with fewer files, using the same elements for different artboards
  • Create multiple artboards of various sizes and design art for different screen sizes (i.e. - mobile, tablet, desktop versions, etc.), saving your file as SVG to include all of them together
  • Create beautiful, efficient, enhanced documents which will make people sit up and take note on any medium they use to view it
  • Get your designs out to the masses on the most massive monitors or the smallest smartphones
  • Reuse your illustrations and scale them to any size you like, many times over without having to redo them endless times
  • And much more…
Our trainers will welcome you to our downtown Ottawa training facility. You’ll be given a computer all your own for the entire session to learn and understand the topics taught through practical hands-on exercises.

Our Illustrator training classes are divided into 2 levels:

Level 1 -This is the course for you if you are a designer, publisher, prepress professional, marketing communications professional, or simply anyone switching to a design job or taking on design responsibilities, and who needs to create illustrations, logos, advertisements, or other graphic documents. It will enable you to produce outstanding illustrations with graphics and text, whether your hand-drawing skills are masterful or minimal. You will start by getting acquainted with Illustrator’s interface, and then you’ll learn to customize it, bending it to your will. This provides you the comfort level you’ll need to really express yourself as you start creating shapes, customizing them, and formatting text and graphics objects. Your work will pop as you then enhance your documents with strokes, gradients and various styles, making your designs stand out from the crowd.

Level 2 - If you want to create complex artwork using advanced tools, options, and effects, and ensure that your artwork is ready for commercial printing and the Web, then you want to take this Level 2 course. Here, you will draw complex illustrations and enhance them using various painting options. Also learn to use fancy techniques with painting tools, manage colors, format type, work with effects, prepare artwork for commercial printing, and prepare graphics for the web. This is a must-do if you truly want your work to be published at the next level. Make yourself invaluable in today’s market by designing and publishing the kind of graphics that will work on mobile displays and devices. You’ll be creating perspective drawings and compound paths. You’ll be enhancing and recoloring complex illustrations and converting raster graphics to more forward-looking vector graphics. Learn how to create special effects that apply a whizz-bang finish to your output, and then get it out to the Web and mobile devices quickly where it can earn you the money and reputation you deserve.

With current trends in the world of web and interactive design, it’s obvious that Illustrator is going to play a large role in future web workflows. Whatever you want to create, from posters, flyers and brochures to magazines, newspapers and books, our Compuease Illustrator training will get you up to the task in no time. The tablet is taking over the world, and our training will ensure that you’re along for the ride, as your content becomes optimized for devices of any shape or size.
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Illustrator Level 1 (Basic) - CC, CS5, CS625-Oct-20221 Day(s)English$550.00Register Now
28-Feb-20231 Day(s)English$550.00Register Now

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