InDesign Training in Ottawa

Compuease offers complete Adobe InDesign Training at its Ottawa training centre. The practical experience of our trainers in business and government shows through easy-to-understand yet in-depth InDesign training classes.

With the continuous growth of digital publishing, Adobe InDesign is packed with features that enable you to design not only for print, but for tablet devices as well. InDesign is a professional desktop publishing application providing pixel-perfect control over design and typography. Create elegant and engaging pages for print or screen display while also efficiently adapting your layouts for multiple devices and page dimensions.

Whether you work as a member of a design team or on your own, InDesign helps you make quick work of everyday tasks and deliver error-free, engaging content across all sorts of media. You need your documents and products to reach out to the world; our InDesign training will allow you to create stunning publications that will catch the eye wherever they are viewed.
Our InDesign training courses will help you:

  • Stay a step ahead in the marketplace by giving your documents a well-designed and professional look that will always be fresh and eye-catching
  • Keep your branding in front of the world, by customizing your documents using graphics, colors, and styles
  • Produce error-free, engaging content with ease, saving time and money and captivating a wide audience for your work or product line
  • Create simple or complex layouts quickly and efficiently with precise control over every detail
  • Complete your whole body of work from start to finish, by preparing your documents for delivery
  • And much more…

Join us in our downtown Ottawa training lab for Adobe InDesign classes. You will have the use of your own in-class computer and have the opportunity to follow along with practical hands-on exercises that really reinforce the skills learned.

Our InDesign training classes are divided into 2 levels:

Level 1 - If you want to explore and use the basic tools and features of InDesign for creating beautifully professional page layouts and designs then you’ll want to take this course. You’ll be able to create an outstanding body of work by becoming familiar with the many features of this extraordinary software. You’ll start by identifying the various components of the InDesign interface, and then be able to customize it to suit your artistic temperament and workflow. Very quickly you’ll be designing documents and adding text and graphics to build a foundation for what lies ahead. Page elements will enable you to arrange and align objects and layers to create brochures or documents of all kinds that will make such a lasting impression that your consumers will constantly be coming back for more. You’ll find that our InDesign Level 1 training will allow you to confidently create wonderful documents that you can then learn how to finalize and export for commercial printing or distribution on the Web, getting your eye-popping work out there for all the world to see and enjoy.

Level 2 - Now your business has developed to where you need to create much lengthier interactive documents that need to be accessed across a range of devices. In our Level 2 course, you will learn advanced InDesign techniques to enhance the look and functionality of your documents. Using Adobe InDesign, you will learn to create interactive documents and export them for viewing in a web browser with various features such as buttons, page transitions, movies and audio files, hyperlinks and animation. You’ll manage advanced page elements with ease, and master styles while creating Nested and GREP styles for yourself. Long documents will be no match for you, as you learn how to create books with tables of contents, hyperlinks, and cross references included. Your documents will be dynamic as you learn how to manipulate sections to your will. You’ll learn how to assign color profiles and establish print pre-sets so your productions will be perfect in every way. In creating longer documents, you'll be able to include such features as a table of contents, footnotes, cross-references and indexes. You will love learning to create interactive documents, helping you take your business to the next level with digital brochures and eBooks for your product line, which will allow your customers to interact with your rich media and animations.

Whether you want to create unique newsletters or brochures for your family or small business, or you want to publish high quality brochures, catalogues, advertising, or logos for products in a larger business environment, you want to get it out to the people who need to see it. Whether that’s in print or on the Web, our Compuease InDesign training will give you the skills you need to wow the world.
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CoursesDateDurationLanguage of
InDesign Level 1 (Basic) - CC, CS5, CS628-Sep-20221 Day(s)English$550.00Register Now
06-Jan-20231 Day(s)English$550.00Register Now
InDesign Level 2 (Advanced) - CC, CS5, CS618-Aug-20221 Day(s)English$650.00Register Now
31-Oct-20221 Day(s)English$650.00Register Now
21-Feb-20231 Day(s)English$650.00Register Now