Leadership Skills Training in Ottawa

Compuease offers public or private Leadership Skills Training at its Ottawa training centre. Trainers with real world experience in business and/or government environments lead our Leadership Skills classes.

Our training classes will show you how to improve your vital leadership skills using key techniques. We will help you understand the impact that your leadership skills have on other people. These classes will also explore how improving these skills can make it easier for you to build strong, productive teams that will flourish and reach their goals.

Our Leadership Skills courses will help you:
  • Make the transition into becoming a new supervisor
  • Develop your existing supervisory skills even further
  • Provide meaningful feedback that will be well-received
  • Manage Customer Service
  • Learn how to delegate tasks effectively
  • Make wise hiring choices
  • Sharpen your leadership skills for your own personal advancement
  • Improve your mentoring and coaching skills
  • Effectively inspire your workforce
  • Increase employee performance
  • Become a more effective professional supervisor
  • Develop high performance teams that will reach their goals
  • And more...
All our Leadership Skills training classes are taught in downtown Ottawa using our professional training environment. Each lesson includes practical hands-on exercises that help reinforce the skills learned.

Our Leadership Skills training classes

In our Compuease Leadership Skills training classes you will gain a clear understanding of how to set clear paths and encourage your employees to follow them. Leading well is a crucial need in the workplace. Your proficiency and your confidence in your ability to lead will increase, gaining you respect and increased productivity.

By the end of these courses, you will acquire all the basic skills required to understand the impact you can have on other people, and to improve your leadership skills to get the best from your employees.

These courses are designed for all who would like to improve their ability to lead effectively and build a strong team spirit.

Learn with Compuease!

Your Leadership Skills training will enable you to understand the techniques required to set meaningful objectives and inspire others to reach them. It will enable you to create a positive team spirit, enhance your own job satisfaction, and help your employees continue to progress and contribute their skills to the organization.

Book your Leadership Skills training classes with us today. Or, if you prefer, you can book a private training session with us in Ottawa. If you desire group training for your office, let us know. We can send a trainer to your location or you can join us in our professional environment for your own private session. You can even customize the course for your own specific department.

We also happily offer public classes, taught in our modern training facility located conveniently in downtown Ottawa. In our public classes, you’ll learn clearly defined objectives in a small group with others at your level.

Take a look at our upcoming training calendar, and click to register now.
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CoursesDateDurationLanguage of
Be a Leader, Not a Boss - Managing in the Modern Workplace22-Feb-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
26-May-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
Building & Leading Great Teams30-Jan-20231 Day(s)English$695.00Register Now
27-Apr-20231 Day(s)English$695.00Register Now
Change Management: How to Deal With It, Turning Resistance into Resilience18-Apr-20231 Day(s)English$595.00Register Now
Conflict Be Gone! Navigating Difficult Conversations10-Feb-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
10-May-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
Delegation: The Art of Delegating Effectively19-Apr-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
Do Business Right with Great Social Skills and Business Etiquette04-Apr-20231 Day(s)English$695.00Register Now
Emotional Intelligence - The Path to Professional Success20-Apr-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
Great Leadership means Giving Feedback06-Mar-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
18-May-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
Inspire and Deliver Great Presentations09-May-20231 Day(s)English$695.00Register Now
Lights, Camera, Action - Mastering the Art of Virtual Facilitation28-Feb-20231 Day(s)English$695.00Register Now
25-Apr-20231 Day(s)English$695.00Register Now
Meeting Management: The Art of Making Meetings Work 29-Mar-20231 Day(s)English$525.00Register Now
Performance Reviews Done Well02-Feb-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
27-Mar-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
Take 2 - Taking Virtual Facilitation to the Next Level06-Feb-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
04-May-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
Take the Stress Out with Great Time Management27-Feb-20231 Day(s)English$695.00Register Now
13-Mar-20231 Day(s)English$695.00Register Now
30-May-20231 Day(s)English$695.00Register Now
Understanding and Developing Effective Communication Strategy Skills01-Mar-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now
28-Apr-20231 Day(s)English$795.00Register Now

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