Office Transition New Features Training in Ottawa

When you or your organization are upgrading to a new version of Microsoft Office, Compuease is here to help with Microsoft Office Transition New Features Training at its Ottawa training centre. Our Office Transition New Features classes are led by trainers who are well experienced with the many different versions of Office and are pleased to help you get comfortable in your new environment. They are are friendly, approachable, extremely helpful and never intimidating.

Upgrading from an earlier version can be very challenging for some. In this class, you’ll cover the new features, the changes to the interface, and everything you need to know about the new Office suite. You will be able to translate your skills from older versions of Office into the new interface.

Microsoft Office is an extraordinary suite of programs that covers the whole range of needs of just about any business today. Whether you want to create or read business documents, spreadsheets, or databases, or to communicate or schedule with email and calendars, then Office is the go-to choice of more business professionals than any other. On top of that you can create powerful slide show presentations to explain projects or ideas, and to win new customers to your business. You will need to be fully accomplished in all its various features to stay on top in the marketplace, and our Office Transition New Features training will enable you to accomplish that no matter what version of Office you’ve used before.

Our Microsoft Office Transition New Features training courses will help you:

  • Make your work more polished and professional by enhancing document creation and display with Word
  • Add clarifying content and sparkle to your Excel spreadsheets, making them clearer to follow and making key points stand out
  • Win over new customers and sell your ideas with pizzazz by creating dynamic presentations in PowerPoint
  • Create and manage the vital information in your tables and databases with Access
  • Manage not just your emails, but your schedules and so much more by making full use of Outlook
  • Secure your data by protecting and appropriately sharing all your Office files
  • And much more…

All our Office Transition New Features training classes are taught in downtown Ottawa using our computerized training environment. You will have the use of your own in-class computer and have the opportunity to follow along with practical hands-on exercises that really reinforce the skills learned.

Cover all of these features in just one day with your Compuease Office Transition New Features training class.

Available for all versions of Microsoft Office, consider the following details with regard to our Office 2010 Transition training in particular. If you are familiar with older versions of Office and want to upgrade to the newer 2010 edition then this is the course for you.

Perhaps you think you know how to make full use of Word or Outlook…but do you really? You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with the full Office 2010 suite. You will learn how to customize the interface, Quick Access Toolbar, and ribbon tabs to suit your needs. This will save you so much time as you discover how to reach the tools you use most often in just a click or two of the mouse, no matter which tab they natively reside on. You’ll be able to share your files with your colleagues and business partners near and far by learning how to save your work to a multitude of different file formats. Never worry about whether your work will be accessible to someone who doesn’t have Office 2010; you can ensure they can read your documents or spreadsheets even if all they have is a web browser. You’ll be able to enrich the details and content of your Word documents like never before, applying styles and screenshots to impart clarity and value to all your work.

Benefit from Excel tools that might have seemed out of reach for many day-to-day users before; pivot tables and charts, for instance, can dramatically improve your ability to display data and projections clearly and easily. Work with formulas, enhanced conditional formatting, and the new Sparkline feature available in Excel 2010 to make data stand out at a glance.

Make your PowerPoint presentations pop like never before by learning how to incorporate themes and effects and to add videos to make sure your clients and colleagues pay the closest attention possible to the message you wish to convey.

You’ll also learn how to tap into the power of Access 2010 to create forms and reports, queries and macros, and to even design a database for the Web! Never again be intimidated by this tremendous tool, and save so much time by accessing your information quickly and efficiently.

In addition you’ll learn how to manage information at work with Outlook 2010. This incredible utility is so often under-utilized that you’ll be amazed to learn of some of its capabilities to manage your email and other important information quickly and powerfully.

Microsoft Office Transition New Features training will enable you to keep up with the new features now built in, but also to learn new things regarding different aspects of the Office suite. It’s an absolutely essential overview of the range of programs available to you if you have Office installed at work or home. The business world is in a constant state of transition. Don’t get left behind; transition with it by taking advantage of our Compuease Office Transition New Features training today!
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