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Regardless of industry, department, or role, today’s professionals are challenged with projects and deliverables that require ever more specific and up-to-date desktop skills. Compuease offers complete Outlook Training at its Ottawa training centre. Our Outlook classes are led by trainers with practical experience using all the features of Outlook in business and/or government environments. Our trainers are friendly, approachable and extremely helpful.

Outlook is so much more than a simple email program. Microsoft Outlook is a communications and scheduling tool that allows you to manage email accounts, calendars, contacts, and access other Internet content.

Our Microsoft Outlook training courses will help you:

  • Maximize time and productivity
  • Schedule appointments, meetings, and events
  • Communicate more effectively by connecting efficiently with others
  • Never miss a single meeting, message, or contact
  • Speed up communication with the Navigation Bar. Use it to quickly open your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks
  • Stay in the know. Get the very latest updates automatically from people in the social networks you rely on most—LinkedIn, Facebook, and others
  • Efficiently coordinate the schedules of one or more of your team members by acting as a "delegate"
  • And much more…

All our Outlook training classes are taught in downtown Ottawa using our computerized training environment. You will have the use of your own in-class computer and have the opportunity to follow along with practical hands-on exercises that really sound down the skills learned.

Our Outlook training classes are divided into 2 levels:
Level 1

If you want to really master all the basics of Outlook, this is the class for you. You will start by becoming familiar with the Outlook user interface, and then learn how to set up your email accounts, modify your settings, and how to send and receive email messages. You will learn how to tame your inbox by working with folders to organize your messages. This is a key component that is vital to your continued good organization in the workplace.  Although email was originally seen as a way to eliminate paper entirely, we all know that hasn’t happened. Sometimes, you’ll need to print a paper copy of something in Outlook – perhaps an important email message, your to-do list, or your day’s calendar; and you will learn how to do just that. You will tap into the power of Outlook’s status bar.  You will learn your way around Outlook by using the navigation pane, while uncovering the potential that is built into the to-do bar. By customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and ribbon to make them more comfortable for your use, you will speed up your Outlook experience and your workflow. You’ll take a closer look at some of Outlook’s viewing tools, how to arrange and group, sort and filter messages, and track conversations from different members of your team. A powerful and often underutilized feature of Outlook is its information management capabilities. Tap into these by learning how to use the calendar and the various folders for contacts, tasks, notes, and even how to use the journal folder to keep a record of any interactions you want to remember.
Level 2
Our Level 2 course covers advanced topics and explores many of the expanded features of Outlook. You will learn how to manage folders and then search through them to quickly find the information you need. There’s always more to do than time allows, so organizing your email is vital for your daily productivity. We will teach you how to make your life much easier in Outlook. For example, you will see how to mark all mail messages relating to a particular person or project with a certain category. By the end of this course, you’ll be comfortable customizing the core of Outlook to suit your needs. You will learn all about signatures and stationery – those little aesthetic details that can spruce up your messages and make them stand out from the crowd – along with more behind-the-scenes lessons such as advanced message options like delaying delivery and changing the reply-to address. You will master more advanced information management tools within your calendar, tasks, and contacts, such as creating recurring tasks and appointments. Part of the power of Outlook is its ability to manage all your personal information in one place. In this course, you’re going to learn how to link items within Outlook to help keep you organized. You will even see how you can have Outlook’s journal link items for you automatically, saving you precious time. Our Outlook Level 2 course will show you how you can keep completely up-to-date with your contacts’ status updates, comments, messages and alerts from various shared social network sites, all in one location in Outlook. This will help you to be well-informed the next time you contact people, either professionally or socially.
Uncover the hidden potential of this vital component of the Microsoft Office Suite. Whether you simply need to make better use of a superb email solution, or extend your information management abilities to maximize your use of time and productivity, you’ll find the help you need in your Outlook class with Compuease.

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CoursesDateDurationLanguage of
Outlook Level 1 (Basic) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 36505-Oct-20221 Day(s)English$295.00Register Now
30-Jan-20231 Day(s)English$295.00Register Now
Outlook Level 2 (Advanced) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 36526-Aug-20221 Day(s)English$350.00Register Now
08-Nov-20221 Day(s)English$350.00Register Now
27-Feb-20231 Day(s)English$350.00Register Now

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