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Compuease offers complete Adobe Photoshop Training at its Ottawa training centre. The practical experience of our trainers will show as they guide you to the skills you need to succeed in the real world.

Photoshop is almost synonymous with any image editing task in the minds of most people. It is the leading software in the image editing world, with a huge array of functions built in. As such, Photoshop skills are a necessity if you want to be employable in the graphic design field.

Photoshop is a work of art in itself, with uses ranging anywhere from improving the quality of a photograph to creating professional artwork.

Our Photoshop training courses will help you:

  • Create professional and beautiful graphic works
  • Grow in your ability to express yourself creatively
  • Edit images non-destructively with layer styles, adjustment layers, masks, smart objects, smart filters, and history
  • Save oodles of time and effort by automating tasks and speeding up production with actions, batch processing, history tracking, and scripts
  • Work non-destructively in the pre-processing of Raw files from most digital cameras, as well as JPEG and TIFF files, using Adobe Camera Raw
  • Explore other fields of interest, including graphic design, Web design, video production, and photography
  • Enhance your portfolio or your resume
  • Find financial and personal fulfillment as you see your ideas spring to life on the screen
  • Start out on your new photography career by editing your work to show it in the absolute best light possible
  • And much more…

Reinforce the skills you’re learning through practical hands-on exercises on a computer set aside just for you in our downtown Ottawa training environment. A warm, inviting atmosphere makes learning and absorbing vital information the order of the day.

Our Photoshop training classes are divided into 2 levels:
Level 1 - Photoshop has the reputation of having a massive range of tools and a correspondingly massive learning curve to match. If you are a beginner with Photoshop then this is definitely the course you need to take to become familiar with its feature set and interface and to become truly comfortable with the software. You will learn to navigate the environment and use the tools to work with photographic images. In addition, you will cover the orientation to Adobe Bridge and organization of files in Bridge. This is an invaluable part of the foundation you need to master the tricks of the trade. You’ll make your work look magnificent as you learn to work with selections and layers and to refine and even repair your photos. Also, if you are a professional or amateur photographer who wants to use the features of Photoshop to enhance, modify, and organize your photographs, you’ll love this course and benefit immensely from it.

Level 2 - If you are a professional or amateur graphic designer or illustrator who wants to create visual media, then you will want this course. Are you a professional who wants to create and enhance graphics for marketing materials, newsletters, or websites, or are you a photographer who wants to work with and enhance your photos for print or the Web? You will be exploring some of the more advanced image creation and editing techniques, and performing hands-on activities that will allow you to see for yourself how these techniques can be used in combination to create some truly exciting visual effects. You’ll be identifying and using raster and vector drawing and painting tools to create and edit images, applying masks to hide and show image layers, and using filters to create special effects. You’ll learn to utilize smart objects, layer comps, actions, and batch processing to streamline your workflow significantly. These can be a huge timesaver for you as you use these actions to perform many routine functions. When you have learned to use actions, you can avoid all the tedious steps of editing the same types of things in several different images. Do it once and then let Photoshop do it for you every other time. Think of what macros are to Office products – that’s what actions are like for Photoshop. You will also learn to create and edit video and animate graphics in your videos. It’s a truly outstanding opportunity to learn lots of new skills that will make you more employable in the field or enrich your life if you’d like to get into image editing as a hobby.

The ability to use Photoshop is becoming more and more important in our workplaces and even in our personal lives today. Visual results and graphics are becoming more vital as businesses are looking to get noticed in the marketplace. And the online marketplace makes Photoshop skills even more valuable, as your skills and services can be based anywhere in the world and utilized throughout it. Whether you’re starting a new career, looking to move ahead in your current one, or you even just want to learn a beautiful and worthwhile hobby, our Compuease Photoshop training will prove invaluable to you.
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Photoshop Level 1 (Basic) - CC, CS5, CS608-Sep-20221 Day(s)English$550.00Register Now
16-Dec-20221 Day(s)English$550.00Register Now

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