Word Training in Ottawa

Public Word training classes are delivered at our Ottawa training facility. Our Microsoft Word classes are led by trainers with real world experience using Word in business and government environments. Our goal is to get you comfortable designing useful and effective Word documents efficiently and effectively.

Microsoft Word is the go-to word processor for most government and business enterprises. Business letters, meeting agendas, annual reports and policy documents are just a few of the seemingly endless types of documents created each day in Microsoft Word.

While Word is straightforward to open and type a few words in, our Word 2010 classes will teach you to create professional documents and bend Word to do your will instead of fighting against its complexities. A Word document can consist of so much more than just text, even if that text is formatted beautifully. Documents can include pictures, diagrams, charts, tables and much more, to ensure you present your ideas and goals in the most meaningful way possible. Word 2010 training by Compuease will let you leverage its many features to add flavour to your documents. Much of what controls how a document appears is, by default, hidden from the user. Our Word classes will uncover these hidden gems and show you how to harness them.

Our Microsoft Word courses will help you:

  • Format both text and page to suit your needs
  • Improve the accuracy of your documents through spelling and grammar checking
  • Choose how best to display your information through objects like tables and SmartArt
  • Save time by using styles to quickly format documents
  • Control text flow by putting you in charge of where and how Word breaks up lines, paragraphs and pages
  • Manage multiple users of the same document by tracking their changes
  • Automate tasks or create your own shortcuts using macros
  • And much more…

The age of simple typewritten text is past and the dawn of beautiful and stylish documents is at hand. Compuease will happily provide the Word training you need to create professional-looking documents faster and easier every time.

Our Word training classes are divided into 3 levels:

Level 1 - This introductory class is designed for those with either no experience using Microsoft Word or who feel uncomfortable navigating through its interface even when creating simple documents. After completing this course you will find you can easily open, type, format, proof and print documents. A few other extras will let you add flavour and create more than just a typewritten page. Save yourself time by allowing us to show you how to navigate in Word and how to customize its features so you can quickly get at the tools you use most often. You will be creating documents and moving text around like a maestro, formatting your presentations to make them look clean and professional.
Level 2 - Take your Word skills to the next level by becoming familiar with the use of templates and special formatting techniques, which will save you time and make a great impression on your clients. You will learn how to use headers and footers to make sure your longer documents are easily structured and followed by the reader, while becoming proficient with the use of Word’s time-saving research tools will enable you to work more quickly and efficiently in getting your message out to others. Consistency is vital in a well-prepared document of any kind, so you’ll learn how to use styles and themes to maximize the impact of your thoughts and ideas. You’ll even learn the magic of a mail merge.
Level 3 - Take it up another notch with our Level 3 course, in which you will learn all about inserting pictures and shapes and other advanced graphic items into your documents. These will add that extra dimension that will truly make your work stand out from the crowd. Text boxes are a great tool for laying out documents. They are much like shapes in that they can be formatted and customized. However, there are many other tools available to help you manage large amounts of text. You will master these powerful and informative features in your Level 3 Word class. Tables and charts are also included as you learn how to import these, and even create your own based on whatever data you have to present. You‘ll even see how to import an Excel spreadsheet and work with it right inside Word 2010.

Microsoft Word is so much more than merely a popular word processing application. Whether you want to write a business letter, a company policy document, or a resume, you can do it all with Microsoft Word 2010. With it you can create fascinating, professional-quality documents that will make exactly the kind of impression you want. You can do this easily and quickly by taking full advantage of the Compuease Word training courses available to you.
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CoursesDateDurationLanguage of
Creating Accessible Documents In Word19-Jul-20221 Day(s)English$595.00Register Now
17-Oct-20221 Day(s)English$595.00Register Now
16-Jan-20231 Day(s)English$595.00Register Now
Word Level 1 (Basic) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 36515-Sep-20221 Day(s)English$275.00Register Now
07-Dec-20221 Day(s)English$275.00Register Now
Word Level 2 (Intermediate) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 36518-Jul-20221 Day(s)English$275.00Register Now
13-Oct-20221 Day(s)English$275.00Register Now
18-Jan-20231 Day(s)English$275.00Register Now
Word Level 3 (Advanced) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 36516-Aug-20221 Day(s)English$350.00Register Now
10-Nov-20221 Day(s)English$350.00Register Now
13-Feb-20231 Day(s)English$350.00Register Now