Compuease Learning Experience

Compuease has been teaching computer application courses for over 25 years.  We've taken what we've learned in that time and crafted it into a process that we like to call the Compuease Learning Experience. We do not simply “teach”, we help you learn and apply your new knowledge to real life.

Experienced Trainers

Instead of hiring one employee to conduct all our training sessions, we employ a variety of contract trainers, using them to teach only the specific programs on which they have expertise. These trainers have practical experience using these programs in commercial and/or government environments. Most continue to do consulting projects, strengthening their ability to relate application features to real-life situations. The feedback you give after each session helps us evaluate the performance of each trainer and ensure you receive only the highest quality of service.

Guaranteed to Run Classes

It's frustrating for you to book a training class, adjust your schedule and find someone to cover your shift only for your class to get cancelled.  We understand and that's why we back every full priced registration with a Guaranteed-to-Run promise. Even if you are the only participant in the class, your class will run. In such situations we can often customize the course around your needs and move at your speed, permitting the same topics to be covered in less time. Many such small classes can be conducted in half the time of a larger group, getting you back in the office applying what you’ve learned faster.

30 Day Learning Guarantee

If even after using the 24/7 Support you find you just can’t retain what you learned from our class, you are welcome to come back and take the same course again, for free. Simply contact us within 30 days of your class and we’ll give you a free seat in the next class with registered participants; just bring back your manual.

30 Day 24/7 Post Training Bilingual Support On All Computer Classes

You paid close attention in your class and took copious notes. You’re applying what you learned to a major project due tomorrow and so you’re staying late to finish it off and it’s now 6 pm. Suddenly you get stuck and the program just won’t do what you need it to. Many training companies provide after training support, but few can help you after hours or get back to you immediately. You need help now! That’s why when you take training with Compuease, for 30 days following your training you will have live chat access to experienced mentors if you need a refresher on anything that you learned during our training.  Our mentors are located in Canada, are bilingual and are available 7 days per week, 24 hours per day. You get answers when you need them and that's important.

English or French Manuals

Compuease offers our students classes in both official languages.  For those choosing to learn in French we offer the ability to use French or English software, and provide the manuals to match.

Certificate of Participation

You will receive a certificate of completion showing your participation in the course.

Hands On Computer Labs

How can you possibly learn a computer application without being able to participate in hands-on exercises!  We provide every student with a computer workstation complete with the necessary software. There is no need to worry about bringing your laptop.

Small Class Size = Maximum Participation

Any training company is more profitable by booking larger classes, but our profit does not equal your success. Larger classes slow the flow of learning and you have to sit through more questions which are irrelevant to you. By keeping our class sizes small, Compuease ensures we have enough time to cover all topics appropriately and still give students needed individual attention.