Visio 2007 Level 1 (Basic)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)
This course is designed to cover important features of Visio to new users. 
Learning Objectives:
On completion of this course, participants will know how to: use various types of drawings available in Visio, drag shapes from stencils and edit them. They will be able to use Smart Features, create a directional map, locate any master stencil, create an organization chart manually, create a flow chart, and use formatting to enhance their documents. 
Course Outline:
Section 1: Getting Started

Starting Visio
Using Templates
Visio Window and Navigation
Pan and Zoom Window
Anchor and Autohide

Section 2: Basic Skills

Creating, Saving and Opening a Document
Using and Managing Stencils
Finding and Editing Shapes
Copying and Moving Shapes
Viewing Drawing Properties
Connecting Roads and Editing Connecting Roads
Adding Text to Shapes and Editing Text
Stacking Order and Changing the Stacking Order
Completing the Directional Map

Section 3: Basic Diagram Skills

Managing Shapes
Grouping, Aligning and Distributing Shapes
Applying Styles
Changing Line Styles, Text and Fill Colours
Creating Custom Colours
Adding Patterns
Adding Drop Shadows
Applying Styles
Completing the Block Diagram

Section 4: Flowcharts

Connecting Shapes
Connecting on Drop
Cloning Shapes
Point-to-Point and Routing Connections
Line-Curve and Extra Connectors
Using Page Styles
Renaming Shapes
Adding and Editing Backgrounds
Applying Colour Schemes
Using Cross-Functional Flowcharts
Filling Out a Cross-Functional Flowchart

Section 5: Organizational Charts

Creating and Editing Organizational Charts
Using the Organization Chart Data Wizard
Navigating a Multi-Page Organization Chart
Navigating Linked Pages
Changing Styles and Spacing

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What You Get:

Training includes 1 course manual, a Certificate of completion, and a voucher for 30 days of After Training Support

What You Need:

Participants must have basic knowledge of the Windows environment, keyboard and mouse operations.