Word 2007 Level 3 (Advanced)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)

This course is designed for users who want to deepen their knowledge of Word.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the course you will be able to insert comments, bookmarks, footnotes and endnotes. You will learn how to cross reference documents, track changes, use tables to calculate data, record and run macros to automate your work and enhance your documents by using graphics, charts, clipart, themes and watermark features as well to control a big document using master and subdocuments and finally creating a simple Web page.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Working with Graphics

Lesson 1.1: Working with Images
Lesson 1.2: Working with ClipArt
Lesson 1.3: Working with WordArt
Lesson 1.4: Using AutoShapes
Lesson 1.5: Arranging Graphics

Section 2: Working with Advanced Graphics and Objects
Lesson 2.1: Using Building Blocks
Lesson 2.2: Creating SmartArt
Lesson 2.3: Editing SmartArt
Lesson 2.4: Using Text Boxes
Lesson 2.5: Embedding Objects

Section 3: Using Tables
Lesson 3.1: Creating Tables
Lesson 3.2: Editing Tables
Lesson 3.3: Applying Basic Formatting
Lesson 3.4: Applying Advanced Formatting

Section 4: Doing More with Tables
Lesson 4.1: Advanced Table Tasks
Lesson 4.2: Advanced Data Tasks
Lesson 4.3: Chart Tools
Lesson 4.4: Working with Charts

Section 5: Using Styles
Lesson 5.1: Using the Quick Style Gallery
Lesson 5.2: Changing Your Styles
Lesson 5.3: Using the Styles Pane
Lesson 5.4: Doing More with Styles

Section 6: Advanced Topics
Lesson 6.1: Modifying Basic Word Options
Lesson 6.2: Modifying Advanced Word Options
Lesson 6.3: Information Rights Management
Lesson 6.4: Word and Windows