Word 2010 Level 2 (Intermediate)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)

Once you master the basic skills of MS Word, You can improve the quality of your work by enhancing your documents with customized Microsoft Word 2010 elements. In this course, you will create complex documents in Microsoft Word 2010 by add components such as, customized lists and graphics.

Learning Objectives:
Microsoft Word has many advanced, yet easy to use features that enhance the appearance and functionality of documents. Upon completion of this course, you will:
- Use and Create Templates
- Use Bullets and Numbering
- Create Basic Headers and Footers
- Use Language Tools
- Use Research Tools
- Use The Navigation Pane
- Use the Mail Merge Wizard
- Send a Document Electronically

Target Student:
This course is designed for users who can create basic Word documents and who wish to learn how to enhance the appearance and functionality of their documents in order to save time and create professional look documents.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Managing Your Documents

Lesson 1.1: Using Windows Explorer within Word
Lesson 1.2: Saving Your Files
Lesson 1.3: Finishing Your Files
Lesson 1.4: Making Word Work Backwards
Lesson 1.5: Viewing Your Files

Section 2: Using Formatting Tools
Lesson 2.1: Working with Templates
Lesson 2.2: Using Bullets and Numbering
Lesson 2.3: Using the Paragraph Dialog
Lesson 2.4: Using Delineation Tools
Lesson 2.5: Working with Pages
Lesson 2.6: Adding Hyperlinks

Section 3: Creating Headers and Footers
Lesson 3.1: Creating Basic Headers and Footers
Lesson 3.2: Using the Header & Footer Tools – Design Tab
Lesson 3.3: Inserting Page Numbers
Lesson 3.4: Doing More with Headers and Footers

Section 4: Using Time Saving Tools
Lesson 4.1: Using Language Tools
Lesson 4.2: Using Research Tools
Lesson 4.3: Inserting Pre-Defined Text
Lesson 4.4: Specialized Text Recognition
Lesson 4.5: Using the Navigation Pane

Section 5: Finishing Your Document
Lesson 5.1: Making Your Document Consistent
Lesson 5.2: Using the Mail Merge Wizard
Lesson 5.3: Performing a Manual Mail Merge
Lesson 5.4: Sending a Document Electronically