Microsoft Excel VBA Complete

Course Length: 12hrs (2 Days)

VBA is the programming Interface for Excel and is used to automate tasks and generate easy to use code with other applications. VBA can be used in any version of Microsoft Excel. VBA's ability to automate and produce efficient results makes any Excel worksheet easier to use. Simple codes are written into short programs and are used to perform specific, repetitive tasks.

Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will:
- Record And Run Simple Macros
- Use the VB Editor and Code Window
- Create and Edit VBA Code
- Work with Objects
- Work with Variables
- Create Procedures and Functions
- Work with Forms and Controls
- Understand Debugging

Target Student:
This course is designed for students who need to automate repetitive tasks and create simple macros that run in spreadsheets. Knowledge of Excel spreadsheets is recommended.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Basic Macro Concepts
How to Record a Macro, Re-recording a Macro
How to Play, Delete, Edit and Rename a Macro
Using Relative Referencing
Running a Macro While Recording Another

Section 2: Macro Security

Section 3: Personal Macro Workbook

Section 4: Dealing with Ranges that Change Size over Time

Section 5 - 8 Different Ways to Run a Macro
Adding to Ribbon, Creating Buttons, etc.

Section 6: Visual Basic for Applications - Basics
The Visual Basic Editor
The VBA Toolbars
Protecting a Module

Section 7: Writing Code
Objects, Properties and Methods
Using the With Construct
Recording vs. Writing Pros and Cons
Getting Help with the Object Browser
Declaring and Using Variables
Using Formulas in Macros

Section 8: User Interaction
Input Boxes and Message Boxes
Formatting Input or Message Boxes with the Format Function

Section 9: Adding Special Characters including Line Breaks

Section 10: IF Statements
Message Boxes that Allow for Input

Section 11: Running Other Procedures

Section 12: Event Trapping
On Error
Auto_Open() and Auto_Close()