Project 2007 Level 1 (Basic)

Course Length: 12hrs (2 Days)

This course is designed for participants who have little or no knowledge of MS Projects.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion, participants will be able to create a project, add tasks, durations, resources and costs. They will also be able to create outlines, link and unlink tasks, modify the Project, Resources and Task calendar, view critical paths, review projects using the Baseline, print and format Gantt charts and create various views using filters and grouping.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1.1: Starting Out
Lesson 1.2: Meeting Project
Lesson 1.3: Using Project
Lesson 1.4: Managing Project Files
Lesson 1.5: Getting Help in Project

Section 2: Starting a Project
Lesson 2.1: Creating a Project
Lesson 2.2: Creating Tasks
Lesson 2.3: Editing Tasks
Lesson 2.4: Setting Constraints

Section 3: Scheduling a Project
Lesson 3.1: Creating the Project Calendar
Lesson 3.2: Setting a Project Baseline
Lesson 3.3: Setting an Interim Plan
Lesson 3.4: Setting the Critical Path

Section 4: Printing and Viewing a Project
Lesson 4.1: Basic Editing Tasks
Lesson 4.2: Changing Your View
Lesson 4.3: Using Page Setup
Lesson 4.4: Printing a Project

Section 1: File Tasks and Views

Lesson 1.1: Using My Computer within Project
Lesson 1.2: Saving Your Files
Lesson 1.3: Using Templates
Lesson 1.4: Viewing Your Files
Lesson 1.5: Advanced Views

Section 2: Using Resources
Lesson 2.1: Resource Basics
Lesson 2.2: Editing Resources
Lesson 2.3: Resources and Tasks
Lesson 2.4: Resource Views
Lesson 2.5: Resource Conflicts
Lesson 2.6: Leveling Resources

Section 3: Working with Tasks
Lesson 3.1: Viewing Tasks
Lesson 3.2: Working with Tasks
Lesson 3.3: Linking Tasks
Lesson 3.4: Editing Tasks
Lesson 3.5: Completing Tasks
Lesson 3.6: Working with Variances

Section 4: Creating Reports
Lesson 4.1: Creating Reports
Lesson 4.2: Creating Visual Reports
Lesson 4.3: Saving Cube Data
Lesson 4.4: Using Other Reports

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What You Get:

Training includes 1 course manual, a Certificate of completion, and a voucher for 30 days of After Training Support