Word 2013 Level 3 (Advanced)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)

Microsoft Word users have a host of new features at their disposal with Word 2013. Large documents are easier to navigate and edit. Working with multiple documents is easier; users can multitask in an easy to read environment.

Learning Objectives:
Microsoft Word 2013 makes editing larger documents easier, faster and produces professional results in minimal time. Complex documentation is easier and more functional. Upon completion of the course, you will:
- Work with Multiple Documents
- Compare Documents
- Combine Documents
- Recover Unsaved Files
- Password Protect Documents
- Create and Work with a Master Document
- Create and Work with Subdocuments
- Manage Subdocuments
- Insert Section Breaks
- Insert Quick Parts
- Use the Build Blocks Organizer
- User Enhanced Graphic Elements

Target Student:
This course is designed for a person who is familiar with MS Word and is looking for ways to quickly and easily work through changes in large documents.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Working with Multiple Documents

Working with Versions
Comparing Documents
Combining Documents
Recovering Unsaved Files
Password Protecting Documents

Section 2: Creating References to Other Documents
Linking to Another Document
Creating and Working with a Master Document
Creating and Working with Subdocuments
Managing Subdocuments

Section 3: Working with Sections
Inserting Section Breaks
Customizing Page Setup for Each Section
Navigating Through Sections
Deleting Sections

Section 4: Using Building Blocks and Quick Parts
Inserting Quick Parts
Using the Building Blocks Organizer
Saving Quick Parts

Section 5: Changing Your Styles
Changing Your Style Set
Changing Your Color Scheme
Changing Your Font Scheme
Making Changes Permanent

Section 6: Doing More with Styles
Creating Styles from Existing Text
Creating Styles Using the Task Pane
Modifying the Quick Style Gallery
Using the Style Inspector
Managing Styles

Section 7: Working with SmartArt
Adding SmartArt
Adding Text
Adding Photos
Moving and Resizing SmartArt
Deleting SmartArt

Section 8: Using Macros
Recording a Macro
Running a Macro