Access Level 1 (Basic) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

Course Length: 12 hours (2 days)
Access is Microsoft's flagship database application that allows you to create and manage databases for all sorts of different purposes. Access incorporates many features and connectivity options in order to make databases more accessible to the everyday user.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this 2-day course, you will be comfortable with navigating the Access interface, creating a new database from scratch, querying a database, performing calculations, generating reports, sharing data, and much more.
You will:

- Learn the Access interface
- Create an Access database
- Work with tables and records
- Sort and filter records and create lookups
- Query a database and perform calculations in a query
- Create parameter queries and action queries
- Generate reports and add controls
- Design a relational database
- Organize report information, format reports, and include charts and calculated fields
- Import and export data to other applications

Target Student:
All computer users who would like to get up to speed quickly and become familiar with using Access to create and query a database, perform calculations, organize information, generate reports, and share data with others effectively.

Course Outline:

Section 1: Getting Started with Access
What is a Database?
Opening a Database
Review the Ribbon Interface

Section 2: Designing a Relational Database
Relational Database Design Process
Relationship Guidelines
Fields and Tables
Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, and Composite Keys
Table Relationships
Relationship Types
Rules of Normalization

Section 3: Working with Tables and Records
Navigate through Records
Add New Records
Sort and Filter Data
Datasheet Totals
Print Records

Section 4: Creating Tables
Table Creation Options
Table Views
Data Types
Insert Fields
Move, Edit, and Delete Fields
Table Properties
Field Size
Field Captions
Default Values
Input Masks
The Lookup Wizard
Renaming a Table

Section 5: Creating Table Relationships
The Relationships Window
Referential Integrity
Edit Relationships
Join Lines
Relationships Report

Section 6: Creating Queries
Simple Query Wizard
Create a Query from Scratch
Types of Queries
Query Views
Save, Rename, and Delete Queries
Sort Queries
Multi-table Queries
Query Criteria
Comparison Operators
Logical Operators
Formatting Query Fields

Section 7: Creating Advanced Queries
Parameter Queries
Wildcards in a Parameter Query
Query Joins
Group Query Results
Add Calculated Fields
Arithmetic Operators
Find Duplicates Query Wizard
Find Unmatched Query Wizard
Crosstab Queries

Section 8: Creating Forms
Forms Wizard
Form Views
Form Sections
Add Controls to Forms
Form Design Tools
Field List Pane

Section 9: Creating Reports
Report Wizard
Report Views
Report Sections
Add Controls to Reports
Report Design Tools
Group and Sort Reports
Add Background Images to Reports
Format Reports
Include Charts in a Report
Add a Calculated Field to a Report
Add a Subreport to an Existing Report
Add Headers and Footers

Section 10: Sharing Data Across Applications
Import Data into Access
Export Data to Excel
Create a Mail Merge