Excel Charts

Course length: 3 hours – ½ Day

A chart is a powerful tool that allows you to visually display data in a variety of visual formats such as Bar, Column, Pie, Line, Area, Doughnut, Scatter, Surface, or Radar charts. Excel makes it easy to create, display and interpret numeric data.

The purpose of this course is to build on existing knowledge of Excel and to introduce a new way to display numeric data vis-à-vis a chart.

Course Objectives:

After completing this course, students will be able to:
- Format data to use with charts
- Create the most common type of charts in Excel
- Select the correct Excel chart type for your data
- Identify the elements of a Microsoft Excel chart
- Create basic Excel charts like Column charts, Bar charts, Pie charts, Line charts
- Create advanced Excel charts
- Add chart elements to deepen the visual effect
- Create chart templates
- Format, update and print charts
- Copy charts into other applications and dashboards

Target Student:

This course is designed for all users who wish to learn how to quickly and easily create charts to display financial data in an appealing visual manner. Some knowledge of Excel is required.

Section 1:  Organizing data for use with charts

Section 2:  Different charts for different data selection

Section 3:  Selecting data and inserting charts

Section 4:  Formatting charts to illustrate your data

Section 5:  Adding chart elements for greater emphasis

Section 6:  Formatting charts

Section 7:  Saving chart templates

Section 8:  Printing charts

Section 9:  Copying charts into other applications and dashboards