HTML5 Web Development with CSS3 and JavaScript

Course Length: 12hrs (2 Days)

In the current age, using the Internet has become essential to communication and gaining access to information, much like the telephone and newspapers were to earlier generations. Familiarity with the Internet comes with a certain level of expectation regarding the attractiveness and ease of use of web pages. Web designers need to create effective and successful websites. If users find your website difficult to navigate, they may not visit it again.  HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are some of the most integral and evolving web technologies and this course will help you lay the foundation for mastering them.

Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will:
- How to structure content and present it on the web
- Create web pages that are easy to read and appealing to users
- Use JavaScript code in an HTML document
- Use variables, data types, functions, operators and decision-making and iteration constructions
- Learn about objects, methods, and properties
- How to handle events on a form and write scripts for form elements.
- Protect your reports and save them in different formats

Target Students:
This course is designed as an introduction to HTML, CSS and Javascript for those who want to learn to develop standards-compliant web content, with a focus on current HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Authoring Content in HTML
Web Development Standards
Create an HTML Page
Apply HTML Attributes

Section 2: Embedding and Linking Content
Embed Content within an HTML Page
Link HTML Pages
Create Image Maps

Section 3: Formatting Content with CSS
Apply Style Sheets to HTML
Use CSS to Create Multiple Column Layouts

Section 4: Authoring Complex Content Structures

Author Table Content
Construct and Format Forms

Section 5: Testing and Publishing HTML Content
Identify and Correct Structural and Compatibility Problems
Make HTML Content Accessible
Publish and Deploy Web Content

Section 6: JavaScript basics
JavaScript basics
Introducing JavaScript
Using the SCRIPT tag

Section 7: Programming basics
Using variables, data types, and functions
Using JavaScript operators
Using control structures

Section 8: Working with language objects

Understanding objects, methods, and properties
Working with Math, String, and Date objects

Section 9: Working with Document and Window objects
Writing to a Web page
Creating new windows

Section 10: Working with the Form object and events
Handling events on a form
Scripting for form elements

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What You Get:

Training includes 2 course manuals and a Certificate of completion.