Javascript (Enhancing Your Websites)

Students who need to be introduced to the JavaScript programming language and its concepts. This course is designed for students who have knowledge of the concepts covered in: HTML Web Authoring Level 1, HTML Web Authoring Level 2 and Web Development with Cascading Style Sheets. Knowledge of programming basics is also recommended.

Learning objectives:
Students will learn how to add various JavaScript enhancements to Web sites.

Course Outline:
JavaScript: The What, Where, and How
Investigating JavaScript Effects
Entering JavaScript into a Web Page
Handling Errors in JavaScript

JavaScript Basics
JavaScript€(TM)s Built-in Objects
Event Handling
Functions and Variables

Object References and Control Structures
Object References
Control Structures and Code Formatting
Web Page Navigation with the Select Object

Interactive Images
Swapping Images in Response to an onClick Event
Image Rollovers
Automating Dynamic Image Swapping

Dynamic Styles and Positioning
Dealing with Browser Differences
Changing Styles Dynamically
Dynamic Positioning-Another Way

Windows and Frames
Creating Frames
Changing the Contents of a Frame Using JavaScript
Loading pages into New Windows with JavaScript

Form Data Verification (optional)
Processing Form Elements: An Overview
Validating Data with Functions
Calculating Numeric Values
Scripting onSubmit and onReset Events

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What You Get:

Certificate of completion