Excel 2007 Level 2 (Intermediate)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)

In this course, you will use Microsoft Office Excel 2007 to streamline and enhance your spreadsheets with templates, graphics, and formulas. 

Learning Objectives:
You will apply visual elements and advanced formulas to a worksheet to display data in various formats.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Advanced File Tasks
Lesson 1.1: Using My Computer within Excel
Lesson 1.2: Saving Your Files
Lesson 1.3: Using Templates

Section 2: Working with Functions and Formulas
Lesson 2.1: Using Formulas in Excel
Lesson 2.2: Exploring Excel Functions
Lesson 2.3: Using Functions in Excel
Lesson 2.4: Working with Names and Ranges
Lesson 2.5: Working with Array Formulas

Section 3: Managing Tables
Lesson 3.1: Working with Tables
Lesson 3.2: Working with Records and Fields
Lesson 3.3: Working with Tables and Filters
Lesson 3.4: Using Excel as a Database

Section 4: Enhancing your Workbook
Lesson 4.1: Customizing your Workbook
Lesson 4.2: Working with Text Boxes
Lesson 4.3: WordArt
Lesson 4.4: ClipArt
Lesson 4.5: Using Objects

Section 5: Finalizing Your Workbook
Lesson 5.1: Protecting Your Workbook
Lesson 5.2: Finishing Your Workbook
Lesson 5.3: Using Excel in Word
Lesson 5.4: Using Excel and Access
Lesson 5.5: Using Excel with other Programs and Files