Excel Tips, Tricks and Time Savers Complete

Course Length: 12hrs (2 Days)

Microsoft Excel includes lots of fabulous timesaving tricks that can
increase productivity andcomfort as you work on your spreadsheets.
Whether you're a beginner or anadvanced user, it's easy to overlook some
of these great tips and timesavers.Learn various handy tips, tricks,
and shortcuts to increase your productivityand flexibility, saving time
and stress.

Course Objectives:
In this Excel Tips, Tricks and Time Savers Complete training class you
will become comfortable with the interface, navigate and modify your
spreadsheets with simple clicks on the keyboard or handy mouse
techniques, and learn loads of useful timesaving tricks. Make full use of
Excel's powerful Fill Handle, insert multiple rows at once and insert
rows and columns with a simply click of the keyboard. Set your list back
to its original sort order, duplicate your worksheet with a
simple drag-and-drop, update values on the spot with Paste Special.  This class also covers some useful Pivot Table tricks, and how to make
your conditional formatting more flexible with checkboxes and drop-down
lists. Learn some useful charting tricks, including how to create charts
with a keystroke and how to add creativity and readability by including
pictures and smoothing out lines. You will even learn how to put
together a Gantt chart in Excel!
You will:
- Update values on the spot using Paste Special
- Become more efficient by making full use of Excel's Fill Handle
- Insert multiple rows at once
- Organize your workbook by color-coding your sheet tabs
- Set your list back to its original sort order
- Input values with leading zeros
- Quickly transpose blocks of data
- Capture and insert screenshots in Excel
- Duplicate your worksheets with a simple drag-and-drop
- Create multi-tiered data validation lists
- Make your IF statements more flexible and powerful with wildcards
- Create Gantt charts in Excel
- Learn 10 useful Pivot Table tricks
- Generate a unique list with Advanced Filters
- Use checkboxes and drop-down lists to make your conditional formatting more flexible
- Insert and work with an Excel spreadsheet inside a Word document
- Create custom date formats
- Copy only the visible cells from subtotaled data
- And much more…

Target Student:
Beginner to Advanced users who would like
to learn useful tips and tricks to enhance their user-experience with
Excel and increase their productivity. This class is for anyone who uses
Excel regularly and would like to work faster and more efficiently.

Course Outline:
- Update Values on the Spot using Paste Special
- Find and Highlight all of your Formulas & Functions in an instant
- Become More Efficient by Using Excel's Fill Handle to the Fullest Extent
- Convert your Formulas to Values with a quick Drag-and-Drop
- 10 Magical Ways to use Flash Fill
- Hide Cells in Plain Sight!
- Insert Screenshots into Excel
- Quickly Transpose Blocks of Data
- Make Excel Talk to You
- Insert Multiple Rows all at Once
- Insert Rows and Columns with a click of the keyboard
- Organize your Workbook by Color-coding your Sheet Tabs
- Efficiently Create Column Headings
- Look like a Math Expert by using Excel's AutoCalculate Feature
- Add the Excel Calculator to your Quick Access Toolbar
- Set your List back to it's Original Sort Order
- Input Values that Start with Leading Zeros
- Copy multiple items to the Office Clipboard
- Bullet Points in Excel?  Yes you can!
- Duplicate your Worksheets with a simple Drag-and-Drop
- Create Multi-Tiered Data Validation Lists
- Make your Conditional Formatting More Flexible with Checkboxes and Drop-Down Lists
- Use Conditional Formatting to Compare Lists
- Use Wildcards in your IF Statements
- Now That You Know How to Use CountIF, let's try SUMIF!
- Create Charts with a Keystroke
- Get Creative – Add Pictures to your Charts
- Gantt Charts in Excel!
- Smooth Those Lines in your Line Charts!
- 10 Useful Pivot Table Tricks
- Insert and Work with a Spreadsheet Inside your Word Document
- Copy Only Visible Cells from your Subtotaled Data
- Enter Data into Visible Cells Only in a Filtered List
- Generate a Unique List Using Advanced Filters
- Become More Efficient by Creating Autofill Lists
- Create Custom Date Formats