Get trained sooner!

If you can't wait for a public class get quicker service with our private one on one training.

No matter how small a training class is, nothing compares to the personal assistance provided by a One-on-One training session.

You will get the full attention of an expert trainer sitting at your side who will guide you at your speed and cover only the topics you need. Time will be spent where you need it the most and you’ll be able to get all your questions answered. Share your files, tasks and projects with your trainer and they will help you apply what you’re learning to your job.

You may choose to receive the training at our facility or in the comfort of your home or office using your own computer.

While group classes are 6 hours in length, the targeted approach of One-on-One training means you can often receive the same instruction in half the time, making the cost of this training only slightly higher than attending a public class.

Give us a call today to book your own private training class.