PowerPivot Training

Compuease offers public or private Power Pivot for Excel Training at its Ottawa training centre. Our Power Pivot classes are led by trainers with real world experience using Excel with Power Pivot in business and/or government environments.

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet program you will encounter, and perhaps one of its most useful add-ins is Power Pivot, which dramatically increases the power of Excel’s Pivot Tables by adding many extra capabilities, including drawing on multiple data sources, and linking and splicing data sets.

Our Power Pivot for Excel courses will help you:
  • Create Pivot Tables and charts based on multiple internal or external data sources
  • Import and refresh data from various sources
  • Add calculated columns and manage table relationships
  • Filter your data using Slicers
  • Create Power Pivot Charts along with your Power Pivot Tables to highlight trends and create useful reports and presentations
  • Create relationships between different kinds of data
  • Use DAX functions in Power Pivot
  • Make intelligent business decisions by generating Power Pivot Reports quickly and easily
  • ...and much more

All our Excel Power Pivot training classes are taught in downtown Ottawa using our computerized training environment. Each student has their own computer. Each lesson is followed by practical hands-on exercises that help reinforce the skills learned.

Our Power Pivot for Excel training classes come in 1 standard level:

Power Pivot Complete - In our Compuease Power Pivot training class you will learn how to create Power Pivot Tables and come to understand the key principles on which they work. This class will teach you how to get started with Power Pivot; importing and refreshing data from varied and multiple sources, and creating linked tables. You’ll learn how to organize your data and create calculated columns so that you can add information to the table that might not otherwise be present in the source data. You’ll also use slicers to filter the data, and you’ll create and manage table relationships. You will also learn how to present your Power Pivot data visually, using tools like Sparklines and conditional formatting. DAX (Data Analysis Expression) is a type of formula language that is used to create custom calculations in a Power Pivot table. During this class you’ll learn about DAX functions, including what they do, how they work, and how to use them.

By the end of this course you will know how to quickly transform huge amounts of data into meaningful, clear, Power Pivot Tables and Charts, allowing you to make timely and intelligent business decisions much more easily.

Learn With CompuEase

Power Pivot will open up to you an incredible range of additional data analytics capabilities. Book a Power Pivot for Excel training session with Compuease today and quickly master the techniques that will allow you to analyze your data in ways you’ve never before thought possible.

Book your Power Pivot training class with us today. Or, if you prefer, you can book a private Power Pivot training session with us in Ottawa. If you desire either one-on-one training for yourself, or group training for your office, let us know. We can send a trainer to your location or you can join us in our computer lab for your own customized private session.

Take a look at our upcoming training calendar, and click to register now.

Also available: Private Excel training in Ottawa. If you prefer either one-on-one training for yourself, or group training for your office, let us know. We can send a trainer to your location or you can join us in our computer lab for your own customized private session.
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