SharePoint - Site Owner (Server/Classic)

Course Length: 6 hours (1 Day) 
Microsoft SharePoint is a platform designed to collaborate and allow users to use tools known as web parts and apps to create and store documents, create lists, use content management to control content types and use workflows to enhance corporate processes.

SharePoint today can be divided into two camps - Server (on premise) and Cloud (online) versions. The manual for this course was designed with screenshots for the server editions from SharePoint 2016-2019.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this course, you will be able to create site pages, web parts/apps and handle the permissions for other users and groups. 

Target Student:
This course is intended for the Site Owner who is required to own the site and needs to manage the creation of the site and all its parts. 

Course Outline:
Section 1: Create a New SharePoint Site

SharePoint Hierarchy
Site Creation Options
Site Settings Page
Navigation Elements
Web Parts vs. Apps

Section 2: Creating Document Libraries
Types of Libraries
Document Versioning
Content Approval Process
Creating Custom Columns and Views
Working with Photo Libraries

Section 3: Working with SharePoint Lists
Learning Lists
Creating Calendars, Surveys, and More
Creating List Views
Multiple Filters and Grouping

Section 4: Site Pages & Web Parts
Learning and Using Web Parts
Learning and Creating Site Pages

Section 5: Assigning Permissions
Learning About Permissions
Creating Groups
Permission Levels
Understanding Inheritance
Setting Site Permissions
Setting Web Part Permissions

Section 6: Integrating MS Apps with SharePoint
SharePoint Calendar to Outlook
Teams to SharePoint Document Libraries

Section 7: Creating Site Documentation
The Need for Documentation
Site Level Information
App Level Information
Permission Level Information
Content Management Information
Automation Level Information