Visio 2010 Level 2 (Advanced)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)
Visio is a graphic-based program that allows users to create flowcharts,
organization charts, floor plans for offices, homes and computer
networks, create scheduling tools and display project data using Gantt
charts and timelines as well as a variety of business charts and tools.

Learning Objectives:

will learn how to integrate structured business graphics into documents
and presentations to communicate ideas in a more effective and
compelling way, using shape properties and interactions, creating custom
shapes, stencils and styles, and by connecting to external data sources
to create professional looking results. You will:
- Create and Save a New Drawing
- Use the Shapes Pane
- Add Shapes to a Drawing
- Connect, Move, Rotate and Duplicate Shapes
- Format Shapes Using Fill Patterns and Colours
- Create Text Boxes
- Format Text
- Add Effects to Shapes and Text
- Use Auto Align and Spacing Techniques
- Change the Layout of the Page
- Add Screen Tips
- Insert Multiple Pages
- Change Document Theme
- Apply a Page Background
- Add Borders and Titles
- Rename and Delete Pages
- Create Background Pages
- Modify Page Orientation
- Add Headers and Footers
- Print Documents
- Create a New Stencil
- Add and Remove Shapes from a Stencil
- Delete a Stencil
- Use Master Shapes
- Insert a Container
- Use Callouts
- Add Comments
- Use Ink and Markup Tools
- Link Data to Shapes
- Create and Use Layers
Target Student:
course is designed for those who wish to create professional visual
effects within documents using pre-formatted templates to guide and
structure the content. Basic computer knowledge is recommended.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Containers, Callouts, and More

Lesson 1.1: Doing More with Shapes
Lesson 1.2: Working with Containers
Lesson 1.3: Formatting Containers
Lesson 1.4: Adding a Callout
Lesson 1.5: Using Layers

Section 2: Adding the Finishing Touches

Lesson 2.1: Using Visio's Research Tools
Lesson 2.2: Inserting Pictures
Lesson 2.3: Doing More with Pictures
Lesson 2.4: Modifying Pictures

Section 3: Customizing Templates and Stencils

Lesson 3.1: Creating a Template
Lesson 3.2: Modifying Open Stencils
Lesson 3.3: Creating Custom Stencils
Lesson 3.4: Organizing Stencils

Section 4: Customizing Shapes
Lesson 4.1: Using My Shapes and Quick Shapes
Lesson 4.2: Creating Master Shapes
Lesson 4.3: Working with Master Shapes
Lesson 4.4: Creating Shape Reports

Section 5: Reviewing Diagrams

Lesson 5.1: Using Comments
Lesson 5.2: Markup Tools
Lesson 5.3: Using Ink Tools

Section 6: Adding Data to Your Graphics

Lesson 6.1: Adding Data to Shapes
Lesson 6.2: Linking External Data to Shapes
Lesson 6.3: Using Data Graphics
Lesson 6.4: Creating Legends

Section 7: Creating PivotDiagrams

Lesson 7.1: Getting Started
Lesson 7.2: Editing the Diagram
Lesson 7.3: Using PivotDiagram Tools
Lesson 7.4: Working With Your Data