Access 2010 Level 1 (Basic)

This Course is designed for participants who have little or no knowledge of MS Access.

Course Length: 12hrs (2 Days)
Access is a relational database program which enables you to design and create tables to form a logical database. With Access, you can build simple queries, create forms and design basic reports from your tables. Access makes data easy to use, find and display. 
Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will design and create tables, queries, forms and reports. You will:
- Gain understanding on the concept of a relational database
- Use design properties to create tables
- Use tables to create queries
- Use tables and queries to generate forms and reports
- Print tables, forms and reports
Target Student:
This course is for individuals who are new to the concept of database design and use. Students should have basic computer skills (typing). Previous use of data arrangement, i.e. tables in Word or columns and rows in Excel is useful but not required. 
Course Outline:
Section 1: Getting Started
Lesson 1.1: Starting Out
Lesson 1.2: Interface Basics
Lesson 1.3: Database Security
Lesson 1.4: Getting Help
Section 2: The New Interface
Lesson 2.1: The Quick Access Toolbar
Lesson 2.2: Basics of Tabs
Lesson 2.3: The Home Tab
Lesson 2.4: The Create Tab
Lesson 2.5: The External Data Tab
Lesson 2.6: The Database Tools Tab
Section 3: Creating a Database
Lesson 3.1: First Steps
Lesson 3.2: About Records
Lesson 3.3: Creating a Table
Lesson 3.4: Formatting Text
Section 4: Doing More with Your Database
Lesson 4.1: Creating and Using Forms
Lesson 4.2: Creating and Using Queries
Lesson 4.3: Creating and Using Reports
Lesson 4.4: Sorting and Filtering Data
Lesson 4.5: Viewing Data
Lesson 4.6: Printing a Database Object
 DAY 2
Section 1: Advanced File Tasks
Lesson 1.1: Using Windows Explorer within Access
Lesson 1.2: Database Management
Lesson 1.3: Saving Your Files
Lesson 1.4: Exporting Files
Lesson 1.5: Linking Files
Section 2: Working with Tables
Lesson 2.1: Customizing Tables
Lesson 2.2: Formatting Tables
Lesson 2.3: Controlling Table Data Entry
Lesson 2.4: Managing Table Data Entry
Section 3: Working with Forms
Lesson 3.1: Basic Form Controls
Lesson 3.2: Advanced Form Controls
Lesson 3.3: Formatting Your Form
Lesson 3.4: Formatting Controls
Lesson 3.5: Using Themes
Section 4: Working with Reports
Lesson 4.1: Organizing Report Data
Lesson 4.2: Formatting Reports
Lesson 4.3: Common Report Tasks
Section 5: Working with Queries
Lesson 5.1: Basic Queries
Lesson 5.2: Doing More with Queries
Lesson 5.3: Creating Advanced Queries
Lesson 5.4: Creating Management (Action) Queries