PowerPoint 2010 Level 2 (Advanced)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)

Microsoft PowerPoint is an exciting presentation program that enhances the presenter's ability to capture and engage an audience with a variety of well-designed slides using sound, movement and graphic elements.

Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will expand your knowledge of PowerPoint by using more advanced animation features, sound and video. You will:
- Create Bulleted Lists Enhanced with SmartArt
- Add Video and Audio Components to Your Slides
- Create Slide Masters
- Create A Photo Album
- Use Hyperlinks to Add Dynamic Flow To Your Presentation
- Create Links to Other Program Components Such as Excel Charts

Target Student:
This course is designed for people who wish to develop their knowledge and presentation skills with PowerPoint.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Adding Multimedia to a Presentation

Lesson 1.1: Inserting Video Files
Lesson 1.2: Editing Video Files
Lesson 1.3: Inserting Audio Files
Lesson 1.4: Editing Audio Files

Section 2: Setting up Slide Masters
Lesson 2.1: Creating a Slide Master
Lesson 2.2: Using Placeholders
Lesson 2.3: Using Slide Masters
Lesson 2.4: Using Handout Masters
Lesson 2.5: Using Notes Masters

Section 3: Reviewing Presentations
Lesson 3.1: Using Comments
Lesson 3.2: Reviewing a Presentation

Section 4: Creating Advanced Types of Shows
Lesson 4.1: Setting up Your Show
Lesson 4.2: Presenting Your Show
Lesson 4.3: Creating a Custom Show
Lesson 4.4: Advanced Presentation Techniques

Section 5: Adding Diagrams, Charts, and Tables
Lesson 5.1: Inserting Tables
Lesson 5.2: Editing Tables
Lesson 5.3: Formatting Tables
Lesson 5.4: Inserting Charts
Lesson 5.5: Inserting SmartArt
Lesson 5.6: Formatting SmartArt

Section 6: Adding the Finishing Touches
Lesson 6.1: Research Tools
Lesson 6.2: Using Themes and Backgrounds
Lesson 6.3: Creating Slide Transitions
Lesson 6.4: Creating Basic Animations
Lesson 6.5: Creating Advanced Animations