Access 2010 Level 2 (Advanced)

Course Length: 6hrs (1 Day)

Access is a powerful database program that enables users to start with simple tables, forms and reports and build on these basic objects. The addition of macros and command buttons enhances the use and performance of forms and reports. Action queries and parameter queries make finding data that much easier. 
Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will design more complex forms, reports, queries and macros. You will:
- Create advanced forms; tabbed forms, split forms, modal forms
- Add command buttons and advanced design elements such as form controls to forms
- Create action queries
- Create parameter queries
- Create macros
- Create and design more advanced reports using report controls
Target Student:
This course is for individuals who have experience with database programs and who wish to expand their use and knowledge of practical database applications. 
Course Outline:
Section 1: Advanced Data Management

Lesson 1.1: Referential Integrity
Lesson 1.2: Table Relationships
Lesson 1.3: An Introduction to SQL
Lesson 1.4: Modal Dialog Boxes
Section 2: Advanced Form Tasks
Lesson 2.1: Using Subforms
Lesson 2.2: Creating a Navigation Form
Lesson 2.3: Advanced Form Controls
Lesson 2.4: Exporting a Form
Lesson 2.5: Other Form Task
Section 3: Pivoting Data
Lesson 3.1: Creating a PivotTable
Lesson 3.2: Using PivotTables
Lesson 3.3: Advanced PivotTable Tasks
Lesson 3.4: Creating a PivotChart
Lesson 3.5: Using Pivot Charts
Section 4: Advanced Topics
Lesson 4.1: Access and Windows
Lesson 4.2: Splitting Your Database
Lesson 4.3: Using Outlook with Access
Lesson 4.4: Using Access 2010 with SharePoint Server
Lesson 4.5: Access and Web Databases
Section 5: Macros and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
Lesson 5.1: Macro Basics
Lesson 5.2: More about Macros
Lesson 5.3: Access and VBA
Lesson 5.4: Building Advanced Procedures
Lesson 5.5: Using VBA in a Database