Word Level 1 (Basic) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

Course Length: 6 hours (1 day)

Word has powerful features to enable document creation, editing, and collaboration, while also allowing the user to enhance their work with beautiful graphic design elements.

Learning Objectives:
Word utilizes features that are faster and easier to use than ever before. The Word interface allows for greater flexibility and custom use of everyday features. Upon completion of the course, you will:


<li>Use the new Ribbon with its new look and feel</li>
<li>Use the Ribbon with its new Tell Me feature</li>
<li>Customize and use the Quick Access Toolbar</li>
<li>Create, open, save, and print documents using enhanced features</li>
<li>Format text and paragraphs</li>
<li>Work with lists and graphic objects</li>
<li>Edit documents and use Word's proofing tools</li>

Target Student:
This course is designed for those new to Microsoft Word and those who would like to build a strong foundation on which to create professional-looking documents they can be proud of.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Getting to Know the Word Interface

The Word Application Window
Ribbons and Contextual Ribbons
Quick Access Toolbar
Backstage View
Task Panes
Document Views
Zoom Options

Section 2: Getting Started with the Basics
What is a Document?
Create, Open and Save Documents
Create a Document from a Template
Navigate a Word Document
Add and Delete Text
View Formatting Marks
Share a Document
Get Help

Section 3: Editing a Document
Navigate and Select Text
Use the Office Clipboard
View Paste Options
Undo and Redo Commands
Find and Replace Text

Section 4: Formatting Text and Paragraphs
Change Fonts
Highlight Text
Use the Format Painter Feature
Set Tabs and Use the Ruler
Work with Margins
Adjust Paragraph Alignment Options
Work with Paragraph Indents
Adjust Line Spacing
Apply Borders and Shading
Clear Formatting

Section 5: Managing Lists
Create a Bulleted List
Create a Numbered List
Sort a List
Renumber a List
Create Multilevel Lists

Section 6: Inserting Graphic Objects
Insert Symbols and Special Characters
Add Images to Documents
Resize and Crop an Image
Rotate Images
Adjust Colour, Effects, and Picture Styles
Position Images with Text
Add Captions
Insert and Format Screenshots

Section 7: Proofing a Document
Check Spelling and Grammar
Use the Dictionary and Insights Pane
Review Readability Statistics and Word Count
Use the Thesaurus
Translate Words to Other Languages
Customize Available Research Services

Section 8: Printing and Viewing Your Document
Use the View Ribbon Commands
Use the Page Set-Up Group and Dialog Box
Print Preview and Print Options
Print Panel

Section 9: Customizing the Word Environment
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
Show/Hide the Ribbon