PowerPoint Level 1 (Basic) - 2013, 2016, 2019, 365

Course Length: 6 hours (1 day)
Learn how to use PowerPoint to make dynamic presentations and collaborate with some of the new and improved features and connectivity options available.

Learning Objectives:
In this course, you will create presentations using a variety of slide layouts and content, including the use of slide transitions and basic animation skills. 

You will:

- Create Title Slides
- Create Bulleted Lists
- Add Graphic Elements to Slides
- Create Tables
- Create Charts
- Add Animation Effects to Your Presentation
- Add Transitions to Your Slides
- Save and Print Your Presentation

Target Student:
This course is for individuals who are new to Microsoft PowerPoint and who want to gain confidence navigating the interface, using slides, inserting graphics and text, and formatting their slides in order to present ideas clearly.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Getting Started with PowerPoint

What is PowerPoint?
Navigate the PowerPoint Environment
View and Navigate a Presentation
Use Help

Section 2: Developing a PowerPoint Presentation
PowerPoint Templates
Create a Blank Presentation
Work with Text Placeholders
Insert a Slide using Slide Layout
Insert Slides from an Outline
Reuse Slides from a Presentation
Reuse Slides from a Slide Library
Duplicate Slides
Hide and Delete Slides

Section 3: Laying Out a Presentation
Understand Slide Layouts
Change Slide Size
Edit Text Placeholders
Use Cut, Copy, and Paste Options
Work with the Office Clipboard
Use the Paste Special Command
Apply Themes and Variants
Change Background Styles

Section 4: Performing Advanced Text Editing
Section 4.1: Format Characters

Work with Fonts
Replace Fonts
Use the Format Painter Option

Section 4.2: Format Paragraphs
Insert Bulleted and Numbered Lists
Rotate Text
AutoFit Content
Work with Text Box Margins
Adjust Spacing
Format Text as Columns
Clear Formatting

Section 4.3: Format Text Boxes
Text Box Formatting Options
Work with Shape Fills and Outlines
Use the Eyedropper Tool
Work with Shape Effects
Set the Default Text Box

Section 5: Adding Graphics to Your Presentation
Create WordArt
Convert Text to SmartArt
Convert Pictures to SmartArt
Insert Images
Use the Screenshot Tool
Use the Screen Recording Tool
Insert and Format Shapes
Merge Shapes

Section 6: Modify Objects in Your Presentation
Object Selection Methods
Crop Images
Remove Backgrounds
Resize and Scale Objects
Rotate Objects
Compression Options
Changing and Resetting Pictures
Set Transparent Colour Options
Review Picture Formatting Options
Align and Group Objects
Change Object Order
Work with Guides and Gridlines

Section 7: Adding Tables and Charts to Your Presentation
Create and Format Tables
Merge and Split Cells
Distribute and Arrange Rows and Columns
Insert and Edit Charts
Change Chart Types

Section 8: Preparing to Deliver Your Presentation
Review Your Presentation with Spellcheck and Thesaurus
Print Full Page Slides, Handouts, Outlines, and Notes Pages
Deliver Your Presentation