The Fundamentals of Power BI

Course Length: 12hrs (2 Days)

This course demonstrates the data functionality of Excel’s Power Pivot and Power Query, and utilizes those skills in Power BI Desktop, to create graphs, charts, KPIs, reports, and other visualizations for use in business.  A variety of practical examples are provided for use throughout the course.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completing this course, participants will be able to:
- Create an Excel Data Model using multiple Tables
- Create and manage Relationships in Excel
- Understand the components of Power BI Service and Power BI Desktop
- Connect data from an Excel workbook, folder, Access database and the Web
- Transform data using Power Query
- Create and format Visualizations
- Format Reports and Pages
- Create calculated columns and DAX Measures
- Publish to Power BI Service
- Create and Share a Dashboard

Target Student:
This course is intended for Business Managers, Report Developers, Analysts, Project Managers and Team Leads.

Course Outline:
Section 1: Excel Data Model    

What is the Excel Data Model?
What is Power Query?
Accessing Power Pivot
Create Relationships between Tables
Create PivotTables and Charts using the Data Model

Section 2: Power BI and Excel    
Explore Power BI Desktop and the Power BI Services
Compare features of Excel and Power BI

Section 3: Power BI Desktop
Examine the Report, Data and Model Views
Connect to Excel Data Model 
Connect to Excel workbook, text files and folders
Connect to database
Connect to Web data

Section 4: Power Query    
Explore Power Query Editor interface
Clean and shape data
Change data types
Merge and Append
Determine join type
Group, Summarize, Pivot and Unpivot

Section 5: Reports    
Working with the Field and Visualizations panes
Create Visualizations – Charts, Maps, Tables and Matrices
Customize Visualizations using Fields pane
Create Visual and Page filters
Create Slicers
Manage Report pages
Export report to PDF

Section 6: Introduction to DAX
Understand DAX concepts
Create calculations when necessary
Create Measures

Section 7: Share and Collaborate
Publish from Power BI Desktop
Create Dashboards in Power BI
Use Q&A to ask questions
Share a Dashboard from Power BI
Use the Power BI mobile app